Georgia – SST Certificate of Compliance Revised

SALT Report 1146 – The Georgia Department of Revenue has revised its Streamlined Sales and Use Tax certificate of compliance.  The June 2011 revision now states that local jurisdictions have no express authority to conduct sales or use tax audits.

Other changes reflect that:

  • The state is now capable of pulling registration information from the central registration system.
  • The state now participates in the SST Governing Board’s online registration system.

Additionally, Georgia now provides:

  • A database with boundary changes
  • A database identifying all jurisdictional rate information using the federal information processing standard (FIPS) codes, and
  • A database that assigns each five-digit and nine-digit Zip code within the state to the proper tax rate and jurisdiction

Finally, the updated certificate reflects changes made to the state’s adoption of food and food product definitions and various telecommunications sourcing definitions.

For Further Information:

Georgia Department of Revenue Certificate of Compliance