Maine – Change in Aircraft Exemptions

SALT Report 1155 – Maine Revenue Services released an updated General Information Bulletin providing guidance on the temporary exemption for aircraft and aircraft repair and replacement parts.
Effective July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2015 all sales, use, or leases of aircraft and all sales of repair and replacement parts exclusively for use in aircraft or in the overhauling or rebuilding of aircraft or aircraft parts or components are exempt.
Sales of repair and replacements parts must be for the exclusive use in aircraft in order to be exempt.  Repair or replacement parts that have no other use but in an aircraft, will be considered exempt without any supporting documentation provided the retailer is able to justify that claim upon audit.  For over-the-counter sales of repair and replacement parts that can be used for other purposes (such as in other vehicles), the purchaser will need to sign an affidavit of exemption form.
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