Pennsylvania – Governor Orders Tax Responsibility Reporting Program

SALT Report 1138 – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has directed the state Department of Revenue (DOR) to develop and operate a licensee tax responsibility program to identify any current license holders or prospective applicants of a state issued license who have not reported or paid taxes due and owing to the state.

The program was developed to encourage business license holders and applicants for business licenses to voluntarily and promptly comply with the tax laws of the commonwealth.  Under the plan state agencies will be required to provide the Secretary of Revenue with:

  • information regarding business licensees and applicants for licenses, including tax identification numbers;
  • a statement signed by each licensee or applicant, under penalty of perjury, indicating that all state tax reports have been filed and paid, or, that a deferred payment plan is in effect; and,
  • a waiver of confidentiality agreeing to the release of relevant tax information that will be supplied to the DOR and the Department of Labor and Industry to be used solely in connection with the program.

The secretary, in turn, will issue a notice to licensing agencies indicating those licensees and applicants who have unresolved tax obligations.  These notices will go out no less than once a year.

For Further Information:

Executive Order 2011-06