Alabama – Town of Louisville Decreases Local Tax Rates

SALT Report 1237 – The Alabama Department of Revenue announced that the town of Louisville will decrease local sales and use tax rates effective December 1, 2011.
The rates for the net difference paid for machines, machinery, equipment used in planting, cultivating, and harvesting farm products; machines, parts, and attachments for machines used in manufacturing tangible personal property; and the net difference paid for all automotive vehicles, truck trailers, semitrailers, and house trailers will decrease from 1% to 0.75%.
If sales are made and delivered to consumers, or purchases made for use, storage, or other consumption, outside the corporate limits of the Town of Louisville but within the police jurisdiction, the rates of sales and use tax are one half the rates shown above.
The Law requires that the Town of Louisville sales and use taxes be collected, reported and remitted in the same manner as the State sales and use taxes.  When filing and paying electronically, the Town of Louisville sales and use taxes are to be included on the electronic city/county tax return assigned to you.
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