West Virginia – Average Wholesale Price of Motor Fuel and Fuel Tax Increase

SALT Report 1245 – The West Virginia State Tax Commissioner announced that the tax imposed on the wholesale price of motor fuel during the 2012 calendar year will increase to 12.9 cents per gallon. The increase applies to all motor fuel sold or used in the state during 2012.

The West Virginia Motor Fuel Excise Tax Act imposes a fuel tax of 5% on the average wholesale price of motor fuel. The average wholesale price is determined by the Tax Commissioner and is set at $2.574 per gallon for 2012.

Beginning January 1, 2012 and ending December 31, 2012 the West Virginia Motor Fuel Excise Tax shall be computed on a per gallon basis in the following manner $2.574 X 5% = $0.129.

For Further Information:

West Virginia State Tax Department – Administrative Notice 2011-25


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