Delaware – Online Business License Renewals Requested

SALT Report 1261 – The Delaware Division of Revenue reminds taxpayers that their annual business license will expire December 31, 2011. Businesses will need their Tax ID Number and Business License Number to complete their renewal. This information can also be found on the annual License Renewal Notice that was mailed in early December.

Licenses can be renewed either online or through the mail.  Renewing your Delaware business license online is convenient and allows you to print a temporary license and use that as a substitute for a valid license until your permanent license is received in the mail.  A temporary license is critical for businesses that require proof of a current license, such as contractors and businesses that receive government payments.

Delaware business licenses are valid for a one year however period however, after the first year of being licensed in the state, businesses may be eligible for a three-year Delaware business license, which decreases paperwork and helps mitigate license-renewal oversight.
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