Washington – Support of Main Street and Marketplace Fairness Acts Introduced

SALT Report 1285 – A joint memorial requesting adoption of the federal main street fairness act by the members of Washington’s Congressional delegation was introduced. The bill requests the swift passage of federal legislation that would allow states to collect sales and use taxes on remote sales.

If passed, the Main Street and Marketplace Fairness Acts would grant states the authority to collect sales taxes from remote sellers, regardless of nexus.  The Washington Department of revenue estimates that the act would generate more than $306 million for the Washington State General Fund from 2013-15 and another $176.5 million for local governments.

Washington is one of 45 states that impose retail sales and use taxes; however the rates, definitions, and provisions relating to these taxes vary greatly among the 7500 state and local taxing jurisdictions. Therefore, the state legislature is working closely with the business community to formulate a simplified sales and use tax collection system.

For Further Information:

Washington House of Representatives – H.J.M. 4012

House Bill Report


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