California – BOE to Verify Business Permits and Tax Compliance

SALT Report 1340 – The California BOE has sent 2,500 San Francisco retailers letters notifying them of upcoming visits by BOE specialists. The specialists will verify that businesses are properly registered and that their sales and use tax reporting is accurate.  These visits are authorized under the Statewide Compliance and Outreach Program (SCOP) which began in September 2008.  Since then, BOE specialists have visited more than 270,000 California businesses in 385 zip codes.

During the visits SCOP specialists will:

  • Make sure businesses have all required state tax and fee permits and licenses
  • Make sure that BOE records are updated and correct
  • Allow businesses to meet with a representative who can provide more information and answer questions
  • Verify business reporting requirements to ensure accurate reporting, and
  • Monitor the compliance of newly registered businesses
If SCOP specialists find that a business is reporting its taxes incorrectly, they will advise the business to file an amended return and in some instances the business may be referred for audit. However, if SCOP specialists find that a business has overpaid their taxes, they will be told how to file a claim for refund.
For Further Information:

Statewide Compliance & Outreach Program