Florida – Sales Tax Coupon Books and Annual Resale Certificates Mailed

SALT Report 1326 – The Florida Department of Revenue has mailed their 2012 coupon books, annual resale certificates, and semiannual and annual tax returns to sales and use tax dealers.

Forms include:
  • Monthly and quarterly coupon books – the 2012 resale certificate is inside the book
  • Semiannual and annual sales tax returns and 2012 resale certificates
  • 2012 resale certificates for taxpayers who file tax electronically – these taxpayers will not receive coupon books or instructions
  • Consolidated taxpayers will receive 2012 resale certificates for all locations at your main mailing address
  • Accounts registered for payment of use tax only will not receive a 2012 resale certificate
All dealers should have received their forms by the end of December. If you have not received yours, you are advised to contact your local service center or call Taxpayer Services at 800-352-3671 to request replacements.
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