Idaho –New Forms and Filing Requirements

SALT Report 1369 – The Idaho State Tax Commission released their latest Tax Update Newsletter where they discuss changes to personal and corporate income tax forms, filing frequency, ACH credit payment options, use tax reporting responsibilities, as well as the updated withholding guide.

Filing Changes

The Department reminds all filers that if you’ve been changed from quarterly to monthly filing, be sure to check the tax periods marked on the top of your sales tax, sales tax related, or withholding payment voucher. If your annual filing cycle was changed to quarterly, you’ll be receiving your returns or vouchers in March.

The Commission Has Released the Following New Forms:

  • Form 72, Idaho Hire One Act Credit
  • Form 72S, Idaho Hire One Act Credit Supplemental Schedule
  • Form PTE-WX, Withholding Exemption Form (Pass-Through Entity Withholding)
  • Form PTE-12, Idaho Schedule for Non-electing Owners; and
  • Form PTE-01, Idaho Income Tax Withheld for an Individual Nonresident Owner of a Pass-through Entity (payment voucher)
ACH Credit/Debit Payments
The Commission has a new ACH Debit payment process and provider.  You may use the Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) on the website to enroll and make your ACH Debit payments.
Additionally, the commission has added more tax type codes to provide greater flexibility when making payments for more than just returns. Taxpayers now have the option to make ACH credit payments for estimated payments, audit payments, and period payments.
Internet Sales
When you buy items on the Internet, by phone, or through mail-order catalogs, that will be shipped into Idaho, you are required to pay use tax directly to the state if no sales tax was paid at the time of purchase. Businesses that do not make retail sales should pay their use tax with their annual Idaho income tax return or with a use tax return, or they can pay it directly to the commission. Businesses that make retail sales should pay their use tax with their sales tax return.
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