Washington – Filing Extensions and Penalty Waivers Due to Storm

SALT Report 1365 – The Washington Department of Revenue is offering extensions for all businesses that are required to file excise tax returns and were affected by the recent winter storm.  In addition to the extension, the Department will waive any penalties for those businesses that were unable to meet the filing deadline.

All requests for an extension by monthly filers should have been made prior to January 25th however; due to the short notice, the director said that if a business was unable to request an extension before the due date they may still request a late filing penalty waiver due to circumstances beyond the filer’s control.  Quarterly and annual filers have until January 31 to request an extension.

To request an extension call the department at 1-800-647-7706. All penalty waiver requests must be made in writing and can be submitted through the department’s electronic filing system or e-mailed to communications@dor.wa.gov.

For Further Information:

Washington State Department of Revenue – News Release


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