Wisconsin – 2012 Electronic Filing Handbook

SALT report 1334 – The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has released their 2012 handbook for tax returns filed electronically. The handbook includes a list of new schedules, as well as a list of changes to various forms and schedules.

What’s New?

If a taxpayer is not reporting any sales or use tax from Internet, phone, or mail-order transactions, the taxpayer must check a box on Form 1, 1A, and WI-Z to certify that no sales or use tax is owed.

Wisconsin electronic income tax return contains the same information as a paper return and consists of two parts:

  • Data transmitted electronically to WDOR through the IRS, using the generic and unformatted records, and
  • Paper documents that contain information that cannot be electronically transmitted, such as taxpayer documents prepared by third parties.

The new Modernized e-file (MeF) system will allow attachments to be sent with all e-filed returns. Therefore, for tax year 2011 Schedule MS, Manufacturer’s Sales Tax Credit can be transmitted electronically and will be considered the electronic portion of the return.

There is a new electronic filing reject code for any returns submitted through the new MeF system, if the amount of estimated tax payments claimed does not match the amount of estimated tax payments the department has on record, the return will be rejected.

For Further Information:

Wisconsin Department of Revenue – Publication 115


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