Minnesota – eServices Enhancements

SALT Report 1383 -The Minnesota Department of Revenue announced plans to enhance the features in their e-Services system. The system allows tax payers to file returns, pay taxes, and manage their accounts online. The Department of Revenue recently moved all business taxpayers to the e-Services system and the upcoming enhancements are based on their feedback. The enhancements will come in two stages.

Enhancements expected to be implemented on February 1, 2012, include:

  • Easier confirmation requests and a “printer-friendly” button on the request confirmation page.
  • Confirmation of canceled payments – If you decide to cancel a payment that you’ve made through e-Services, you’ll now get a confirmation page after making the request.
  • The “update my balance” notification will only appear when necessary. This button reflects balances shown in e-Services and only appears when you are attempting to make a delinquent payment.
  • Duplicate payment alert – A message will notify taxpayers when they’re making a duplicate payment, for a return with the same payment amount, tax period and date. The payment amount box will turn red, and you’ll see the alert when you hover over the box.
Enhancements expected to be implemented on February 13, 2012, include:
  • Faster data entry for W-2 information and consolidated sales tax returns
  • One-click field selection – No more double-clicking to select a field or enter information
  • A calendar icon will be added for easy selection of filing and payment dates
  • A hyperlink will be added to the confirmation pages to return you directly to the “requests” tab in e-Services. Instead of printing the confirmation page for all of your requests, you can click the hyperlink to view a complete list in the “requests” tab.


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