North Carolina – Selected Taxpayers to Receive New Taxpayer ID Numbers

SALT Report 1457 – The North Carolina Department of Revenue announced that due to recent upgrades in their tax processing system certain taxpayers will receive new ID numbers to be used when filing and paying state taxes. Approximately 5,000 taxpayers will be affected by the change.
Tax types that will receive new numbers at this time are:
  • Bank Privilege
  • Installment Paper Dealer
  • Newsprint Publication Privilege
  • Real Estate Conveyance
  • Amusement and Motion Picture
  • Alcohol Beer Distributor
  • Beer Shipment
  • Spirituous Liquor
  • Wine Distributor
  • Wine Shipper
  • Cigarette Distributor
  • Cigarette Manufacturer
  • Other Tobacco Products
  • Other Tobacco Products Manufacturer
  • Tobacco – Internet
  • Tobacco – Refund
Taxpayers who have accounts in more than one of above tax schedules will receive a separate letter for each tax type as well as taxpayers who have multiple accounts within the same tax schedule. This means you may receive multiple letters over several weeks or months with new ID numbers for each tax schedule.
The NDCOR will mail the new account numbers during the months of March, April and May. Taxpayers that receive these letters should begin using their newly issued account numbers within 60 days.
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