Texas – Energy Star Sales Tax Holiday

SALT Report 1491 – Over Memorial Day weekend, Texas shoppers will be able to purchase certain energy efficient products tax free.  Qualifying products must display the Energy Star logo on the appliance, the packaging, or the Energy Guide label.
Products that qualify for the exemption include:
  • Air conditioners priced at $6000 or less
  • Clothes washers,
  • Ceiling fans,
  • Dehumidifiers,
  • Dishwashers,
  • Light bulbs -incandescent and fluorescent,
  • Programmable thermostats, and
  • Refrigerators priced at $2000 or less
The sale is open to any “Texas shopper.” A Texas shopper includes anyone in Texas that purchases these products on the specified weekend at a store in Texas or from an Internet or catalog seller engaged in business in this state.
The sales tax holiday is open to homebuilders, real estate developers, dealers, service providers and contractors. Products may be purchased for existing homes, new homes and nonresidential properties. The purchased items may be held in inventory until ready for use and there is no limit on the number of qualifying items one can purchase during this sales tax holiday.
There are no limits to the number of items that may be purchased during the Energy Star Sales Tax Holiday, and an exemption certificate is not required.
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