Texas – Monthly Reporting Requirements for Alcohol Distributers

SALT Report 1492 – The Texas Comptroller issued guidance regarding the monthly reporting requirements for alcohol distributers.  House Bill 11 all requires brewers, manufacturers, distributors and package store distributors to file a monthly report showing net sales to retailers.

The report must be filed electronically, using the Comptroller’s Retail Inventory Tracking System.  Every report must include all sales from each outlet and each outlet must be identified by a separate Texas permit or license number. The report must also include the following:

  • Seller’s TABC permit or license number for each separate location making a retail sale
  • Retailer’s name and physical address
  • Retailer’s taxpayer number assigned by the Comptroller
  • Beverage class of the product sold to the retailer – DS, W, B, or ML
  • Universal Product Code of the product sold to the retailer
  • Brand name of the product sold to the retailer
  • Container size of the product sold to the retailer
  • Number of containers sold to the retailer for each brand, UPC and container size
  • Total selling price of all containers listed on each report line – not the per unit price
Beginning with the March 2012 report the Comptroller will impose penalties if a monthly report is not timely filed.  Reports that do not include all of the required information will be considered incomplete and subject to the civil and criminal penalties.  Additionally, the Comptroller may suspend or cancel permits, and report those that fail to file to the TABC who may seek additional criminal penalties.
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