Arizona – Task Force Created to Reform the Transaction Privilege Tax System

SALT Report 1521 – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has issued an executive order creating a task force to simplify the transaction privilege tax code in an effort to “alleviate taxpayer frustration and improve compliance.”  Members of the task force will be appointed by the Governor and will consist of TPT experts, small business owners, finance experts, and tax practitioners.

The task force will discuss measures that can be taken to simplify the TPT in order to make the tax code easier to understand, to comply with, and to administer.  Specifically, the task force will focus on:

  • Options for a single point administration to avoid redundancies,
  • Identifying differences between state statute and the Model City Tax Code, and
  • Standardizing definitions of taxable transactions between taxing authorities
The task force will provide their recommendations regarding any statutory, administrative, or procedural changes to the Governor no later than December 31, 2012.
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