Florida – New Law Affects Collection Allowances

SALT Report 1504 – The Florida Department of Revenue issued guidance regarding recent changes to tax laws that affect the collection allowance dealers may deduct on their sales and use tax returns.
Effective July 1 2012, dealers may deduct a collection allowance only when they:
  • File sales and use tax returns electronically
  • Pay tax electronically, and
  • Electronically file and pay tax timely
Dealers will no longer be entitled to a collection allowance if they file a paper return or pay by cash, check, or money order.  Also, if a dealer files a return and pays electronically but is late, the dealer will not be able to deduct a collection allowance from the amount due with the return.
To enroll in e-Services or to electronically file and pay tax without enrolling, dealers must provide the following information:
  • The sales and use tax certificate number and/or business partner number,
  • The dealer’s federal employer identification number or Social Security number,
  • Contact information,
  • Bank routing or transit number, and
  • Bank account number
Replacement coupon books will be mailed out in June to all dealers who use them to file quarterly and monthly tax returns.  Dealers who do not wish to e-file and e-pay should use the DR-15 or DR-15EZ payment coupons included in the replacement coupon book.
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