Colorado – Information for Taxpayers Affected by Wildfires

SALT Report 1591 – Due to the wildfires in Colorado many taxpayers may be unable to meet the sales and use tax filing and payment deadlines.  The Colorado Department of Revenue has released guidelines for such taxpayers.
The Department generally follows the relief provisions implemented by the Internal Revenue Service for all Colorado taxes they administer. To request relief taxpayers must:
  • Reference the disaster wording that is required by the IRS in red at the top of your tax return when you file, and
  • Submit a written explanation if you have received a bill or notice you believe is incorrect, or if you believe additional relief is warranted
Requests for Tax Records

If your tax records have been destroyed and you need copies of previously filed tax returns, submit a notarized form DR 5714 to request copies of the returns.You must reference the disaster wording in red across the top of the form.

Most taxpayers should receive copies of their returns in one to two weeks. However, returns filed more than five years ago may not be available.

For Further Information:

Colorado Department of Revenue – Information for Taxpayers Affected by Wildfires