Georgia –Offers in Compromise

SALT Report 1544 – The Georgia Department of Revenue has updated and reissued its booklet regarding offers in compromise.  Offers in compromise are agreements between a taxpayer and the government in which the taxpayer is allowed to settle a tax liability for less than the full amount owed.  The department will generally accept an offer in compromise when it is not likely that a tax liability will be fully collected and when the amount offered is reasonable.
Each of the following statements must be “True” in order for the Department to process your request:
  • You have filed all required tax returns and reports,
  • You have received a final notice of assessment for all Georgia state taxes that you owe, and
  • You are not the subject of an open or active bankruptcy case
Submitting an Offer
  • You must file all tax returns that you were legally required to file prior to submitting the offer
  • All estimated payments must be paid to date for the current year
  • If your basis for compromise is due to a disputed liability, you must include a computation of the adjusted tax amount, an explanation of how you arrived at the amount, and any verifying documentation
The Department provides two different methods to submit an offer:
  • If the offer concerns an individual income tax liability of less than $25,000, Forms OIC-1S Offer in Compromise – Short Form and CD-14A Collection Information Statement must be submitted, or
  • For all other offers, Forms OIC-1 and CD-14B Statement of Financial Condition for Businesses and/or CD-14C Statement of Financial Condition for Wage Earners of Self-Employed must be completed and signed with all appropriate identification numbers.  Items that do not apply to you should be marked with “N/A”
The Department will notify you by mail if the offer is accepted.  All payments must be made within 60 days from date of the acceptance letter, unless otherwise noted.
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