Minnesota – Creation of Audit Findings Website

SALT Report 1579 – The Minnesota Department of Revenue announced the creation of an Audit Findings website where they will report the sales and use tax audit results of the Special Enforcement Unit. The Special Enforcement Unit was created to identify taxpayers that are non-compliant, and to develop new audit techniques as well as taxpayer training tools, and educational materials.
The Special Enforcement Unit deals with a variety of businesses, however, they are currently focusing on businesses that deal in cash transactions and those that do not operate in a traditional store front such as online businesses. The goal is to reach taxpayers that have been out of compliance through education and enforcement.
Current Special Enforcement Unit projects include:
  • The development of audit techniques to be used in the investigation of zappers and other electronic sales suppression systems,
  • Identifying Minnesota residents involved in a motor vehicle sales tax evasion schemes involving shell corporations set up in Montana, and
  • Working with Minnesota State Fair operators to streamline the tax clearance process for vendors
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