Rhode Island – Reminder to Pay Back Taxes by July 1

SALT Report 1562 – The Rhode Island Division of Taxation issued a reminder to all businesses that they must pay any back taxes owed by July 1, 2012, or they will not receive a renewed sales tax permit.  Retailers who are current on their taxes will receive their renewed sales tax permit after July 1, 2012.  For those who do not pay by the deadline, the Tax Division will place a “block” on their business accounts, which will prevent the renewal of sales tax permits.
In March, the Tax Division’s Compliance & Collections Division mailed delinquency notices to more than 4,000 sales permits holders, reminding them that they have not paid their state sales tax.  If you received a notice and remain delinquent your state sales tax permit will not be renewed and you will no longer be eligible to legally operate a business in Rhode Island.
Businesses should contact the Tax Division’s Compliance & Collections Division to make payment arrangements.
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