Nebraska – Biochip Exemption

SALT Report 1580 – The Nebraska State Legislature recently enacted legislation that provides and a sales and use exemption for biochips. The exemption applies to biochips used in genotyping or for the analysis of gene expression, protein expression, genomic sequencing, and protein profiling of plants, animals, or nonhuman laboratory research model organisms.
LB 830 defines biochips as, “a solid substrate upon or into which is incorporated specific genetic or protein information or chemicals that are queried through one or more chemical interactions” and allow:
  • An isolation of one or more single nucleotide polymorphisms which constitute an animal or plant genotype,
  • An expression profile which measures activity of genes or the presence of proteins, or
  • A detailed genomic sequence or protein profile
All genetic or protein information or chemicals incorporated into the biochip must be consumed in the analysis process.
LB 830 amends Nebraska Revised Statutes Section 77-2701.04.
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