California – 13,000 Businesses to be visited by SCOP Officers

SALT Report 1659 – California State tax officials are on the search for businesses who have unpaid sales and use taxes and expired or nonexistent business licenses. The BOE announced that businesses in the following zip codes will receive letters regarding visits from Statewide Compliance and Outreach Program (SCOP) officers. The visits are intended to educate retailers and business owners on sales and use tax reporting responsibilities and to increase tax compliance.
This month, 13,160 letters were sent to retailers and businesses in the following zip codes:
  • Bell Gardens – 90201,
  • Walnut – 91789,
  • Valley Center – 92082,
  • Calimesa – 92320,
  • Sun City – 92585 and 92586,
  • Newport Beach – 92660, 92661, and 92662,
  • San Diego – 92107,
  • Morro Bay -93442,
  • Nipomo – 93444,
  • San Francisco – 94109 and 94133,
  • Sunnyvale – 94087,
  • Crescent City – 95531, and
  • Smith River – 95567
If you’ve received a letter, you can expect your visit as early as two weeks from the date you received it in the mail. During the door-to-door visits the SCOP officers will check for valid seller’s permits to ensure that the business is reporting sales and use tax and business income properly. If your record keeping is not up to BOE Standards, SCOP officers may request bank deposits, invoices and other documents that can prove the amount of sales made and reported by the business.
If the business is found to be missing permits or licenses, SCOP officers will provide the appropriate forms to obtain the required permits or licenses. However, non-compliant businesses will be given only one week to file the license application.
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