Nevada – Payment Options for Tax Debts

SALT Report 1636 – The Nevada Department of Taxation issued guidance for taxpayers that may have unresolved tax debts. Certain Taxpayers who are unable to pay their taxes may request a payment plan as provided in NRS 360.2915 and NAC 360.450 through NAC 360.462.
Before Applying:
  • Taxpayers must file all outstanding or required tax returns,
  • Taxpayers must rule out any resources that would allow them to pay their tax debt in full, and
  • Estimate the largest monthly payment you can make
As part of the payment plan Taxpayers must agree to keep their accounts in good standing by filing all subsequent tax returns and making all payments in full and on time.
To apply for the payment plan Taxpayers should contact the Department who will assign a Revenue Officer to assist you with the application process.  All applicants will be required to submit:
  • A letter requesting the payment plan which includes a description of the business, the reason for the debt, the reason you are unable to make the payment in full, and the monthly payment you are requesting,
  • A signed Payment Agreement Form that specifies the terms,
  • A signed Payment Guarantee Form which makes you personally liable for the debt,
  • A Personal Financial Statement and a Business Financial Statement that will be provided by Revenue Officer, and
  • The initial payment along with all required documents
During the repayment period interest will accrue on the tax amount only and the Department will place a lien on your assets until all tax debts have been paid.
For Further Information: