Rhode Island – Amnesty Program Begins

SALT Report 1685 – The amnesty program offered by the Rhode Island Division of Taxation began September 2, 2012.  As previously reported in SALT Report 1650, the amnesty program will offer qualified taxpayers who pay the full amount of past due or unreported taxes plus seventy-five percent of the interest due the opportunity to erase their tax liabilities. To qualify for the program, the taxpayer must file an amnesty application, file all past-due returns, and pay any delinquent taxes.

Once a taxpayer has been accepted into the program, the Division has agreed to waive any penalties, they will not pursue civil or criminal actions against the Taxpayer, and any holds on business or personal licenses will be removed.

The division has created a website that provides all the forms and other amnesty program information.

For Further Information:

Rhode Island Division of Taxation – Advisory


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