Maryland – New Sales and Use Tax Returns

SALT Report 1856 – The Maryland Comptroller’s Office has made several changes to its 2012 – 2013 sales and use tax forms.  Through the month of October, businesses that file paper sales and use tax returns should use the “old” version of the monthly or quarterly coupons that were mailed out by the Comptroller’s office.  However, beginning with the November return or 2nd quarter return for quarterly filers, you will be required to file using the new full-page sales and use tax return, Form 202.

Features of Form 202

  • Simplifies the current banking procedures to ensure that deposits and checks are credited accurately
  • The new form is easier to read and easier to complete, and
  • A 2D barcode has been added that will allow the Comptroller’s Office to process the return quickly and accurately

Remember, if you paper file your sales and use tax return, you are required to use the form the Comptroller sends you. Photocopies or computer-generated reports will not be accepted.  If you have not received the new form you are urged to call the Comptroller’s office at 410-260-7980.

For Further Information:

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