New Jersey – Division of Taxation Mail Destroyed in Fire

SALT Report 1764 – The New Jersey Division of Taxation issued a warning regarding tax returns and payments.  On September 11, 2012, a delivery truck carrying mail addressed to the New Jersey Division of Taxation was involved in an accident and caught fire. The contents of the truck, which included personal income, corporation business, sales and use, and other tax returns and payments, were destroyed.  The US Postal Services believes the mail that was lost in the fire was collected from the following zip codes: 070 to 076, 078, 079, 088 and 089.

The Division cannot determine which returns and payments were destroyed in the fire.  Therefore, taxpayers who mailed tax returns, payments, or any other correspondence to the Division in early September and believe their mailing may have been affected by the September 11 fire can choose to either allow more time to see if their returns or payments are processed, or immediately resubmit a duplicate of the original mailing.  If you choose to wait, the Division advises you to allow two bank statement cycles for your payments to be processed.

The Division will waive late filing and late payment penalties on filings and payments received on or before October 15, 2012.  However, if you receive a late filing or late payment notice from the Division and you believe your mail was destroyed in the fire, you must respond to the notice in writing and request an abatement of the penalties.  Your response should include “September 11 Mail Truck Fire” in the subject line and an explanation of the circumstances; such as when and where the original package was mailed.

If you sent a check for payment in the original mailing, a copy of that check should be included, if possible. Otherwise, a copy from your checkbook or check register that shows the date of the original payment is sufficient.

For Further Information:

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