Utah – A Streamlined Sales Tax Full Member State

SALT Report 1751 – The Utah State Tax Commission and the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Governing Board issued a reminder that effective October 1, 2012 Utah is a full SST member state.   Anyone registered through the SST is now required to collect and remit sales tax in Utah.

Account holders that did not voluntarily register for Utah will be automatically registered.  However, if you do not anticipate having sales in Utah you have 60 days from today to access your account and opt-out by changing your status from having sales to not having sales in the state.  If you choose to opt-out it will not cancel your registration with Utah, instead your account will be placed in a non-filing status and you will not need to file a return.  Later, if you have sales in Utah you will be required to file returns once again.

For Further Information:

Utah State Tax Commission – Streamlined Sales Tax

Streamlines Sales Tax Governing Board – Utah


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