Washington – Department Withdraws Determination on Gift Baskets

SALT Report 1827 – The Washington Department of Revenue issued an excise tax advisory regarding the state’s withdrawal of Tax Determination #92-231, 12 WTD 233.

The Taxpayer in Determination #92-231 created gift baskets that contained a variety of individually wrapped food items which the Department concluded did not qualify as manufacturing.  However, WAC 458-20-136 Manufacturing, Processing for Hire, and Fabricating, was amended to clarify what activities the Department considered manufacturing. The subsequent amendment did not address gift baskets and therefore created Taxpayer confusion. As a result, the Department determined that it is in the best interests of taxpayers that determination #92-231 be withdrawn.

For Further Information:

Washington Department of Revenue – Excise Tax Advisory #3133.2012

Washington – Withdrawal of Published Determinations


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