California – SCOP Teams to Visit More California Retailers

SALT Report 1906 – On November 13, 2012 the California State Board of Equalization sent out nearly 6,000 letters to local retailers. The letters advise business owners about upcoming visits from Statewide Compliance and Outreach Program teams.

The visits are part of a four-year program authorized by the Board to recover more than $2 billion in unpaid taxes. These visits are intended to educate California retailers about their obligation to report sales and use tax and to increase overall tax compliance. Since 2008, the Board’s SCOP teams have visited more than 350,000 businesses throughout California.

Last week, the BOE sent letters to businesses in the following zip codes:

Arroyo Grande – 93420,

North Hollywood – 91602,

Harbor City – 90710,

Lomita – 90717,

Santa Ana – 92703, 92706, 92707, and

Ramona -92065

The SCOP teams will go door-to-door to check seller’s permits and to verify that businesses are registered and have the appropriate permits and licenses. Businesses found to be out of compliance will be given instructions on how to register with the BOE and obtain any necessary licenses. Those who operate their businesses from their homes will not visited by SCOP.

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