Colorado – Apply for Sales Tax Accounts Online

SALT Report 1931 – The Colorado Department of Revenues reminds new businesses that they can apply for state sales tax and withholding tax accounts online through Colorado Business Express (CBE). This service eliminates the need for new business owners to use paper forms to register separately with different state agencies. The CBE consolidates all of the business registration information required by different government departments and automatically updates state regulatory systems for business filers in one transaction.

The CBE also helps existing businesses learn how to prepare a written business plan, verify their employer responsibilities, or estimate their sales tax liabilities. The Custom Resource Guide also includes information on government business requirements, counseling, training, and other business resources.

The CBE is a joint effort of the Colorado Department of Revenue, the Department of Labor and Employment, the Secretary of State, the Statewide Internet Portal Authority and

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Colorado Department of Revenue – Colorado Business Express