Ohio – State to Refund CAT Overpayments

SALT Report 1981 – Ohio Governor John Kasich announced that the state is in the process of returning more than $13.7 million in taxes to Ohio businesses that were unaware they had overpaid their commercial activity tax (CAT) over the past four years.

The Governor said that these refunds result from previous anti-business practices that allowed taxpayers to overpay their taxes.  In the past, the Department wasn’t required to notify businesses of any overpayments—even if the Department was aware of it—but instead made businesses discover the error themselves and then ask for their money back.  If a business failed to discover the error within a certain amount of time then they lost the right to reclaim it.

Now, the state has instituted new policies that require the state to notify business taxpayers if they’ve made an overpayment and help them with the process of reclaiming their money.  The Department has already sent out refunds ranging from $150 to $66,000 to more than 3,500 businesses.  Additional refunds will be made as the Department continues to review tax filings in search of overpayments.

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Office of Ohio Governor John Kasich – New Release


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