Rhode Island – Annual Report Required for Alcoholic Beverage Taxes

SALT Report 1958 – The Rhode Island Department of Revenue issued notices to Taxpayers that sell alcoholic beverages and to those who file alcoholic beverage import service fee returns. As a result of legislation enacted by the Rhode Island General Assembly, every licensee authorized to sell alcoholic beverages at wholesale or retail in Rhode Island must file an annual report on or before February 1 with the Division of Taxation. The report must include the total sales of alcoholic beverages, as well as the sales tax and excise tax collected during the preceding calendar year.

The legislation also requires the tax administrator to prepare and submit a report that compiles the total sales of alcoholic beverages, sales tax, and excise tax collections by county. This report must be submitted to the chairs of the house and senate finance committees by May 1.

For Further Information:

Rhode Island Department of Revenue – Division of Taxation Notice 2012-12 and Notice 2012-13


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