Oklahoma – Changes Made to Business Tax Accounts and Forms

SALT Report 1997 – The Oklahoma Tax Commission issued a reminder for tax preparers, software developers and business taxpayers that several changes have been made to their business tax accounts.  Changes include the issuance of new account identification numbers, the issuance of new consolidated permits for a business location, and changes to several forms required for filing and remitting business taxes.

The new tax forms have been updated to create a unified look while making it easier for taxpayers, tax preparers, and agency employees, to work with.  Agency forms affected by the recent changes include:

  • Oklahoma Sales Tax Return
  • Oklahoma Sales Tax Return Supplement
  • Oklahoma Consumer Use Tax Return
  • Oklahoma Consumer Use Tax Return Supplement
  • Oklahoma Vendor Use Tax Return
  • Oklahoma Vendor Use Tax Return Supplement
  • County Lodging Tax Return
  • County Lodging Tax Return Supplement
  • Telephone Access Line Surcharge Return
  • Vehicle Rental Tax Return
  • Mixed Beverage Tax Return
  • Mixed Beverage Tax Return Supplement

The Agency warns that filing old forms will slow down the return process, and could result in the Agency incorrectly filing or crediting a taxpayer’s account.

For Further Information:

Oklahoma Tax Commission – Informational Notice


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