Wyoming – Electronic Filing Guidance

SALT Report 2002 – The Wyoming Department of Revenue updated their electronic filing system to provide a secure, paperless option for all of your business needs.  Through the WYIFS system, taxpayer’s can perform the following transactions and file or pay the following taxes:

  • Sales and Use Tax registration and filing for both vendors and consumers,
  • Contractor registration and reporting,
  • Cigarette and Other Tobacco Tax registration, filing, renewal and stamp ordering,
  • Online tax payments through ACH debit or credit card, and
  • Preview your return to verify that the jurisdictions and tax amounts are correct prior to submission

The Department recommends that the business owner be the party that creates the electronic filing account. After setting up an account, the owner can then create subaccounts for a bookkeeper or accountant, an attorney, or another entity and can cancel a subaccount at any time.

For Further Information:

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