Ohio – Governor Proposes to Tax Additional Services


SALT Report 2143 – After releasing his 2014 budget Ohio Governor John Kasich has released provided informational regarding his plan to increase the state’s tax base by imposing sales tax on new services.  According to the terms of the budget, sales tax would be imposed on the following financial, business, and professional services:

  • Accounting services,
  • Legal services,
  • Lobbying,
  • Insurance services,
  • Commercial and graphic design,
  • Hair cutting and styling,
  • Data services,
  • Interstate courier services,
  • Laboratory testing services – excluding medical
  • Mailroom services,
  • Admission fees,
  • Software modifications and custom programming, and
  • Downloadable digital goods, such as books or videos

For Further Information

Ohio Governor John Kasich – Sales Taxability of Services Chart


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