California – BOE Sponsors Legislation to Provide Tax Breaks to Pet Owners

SALT Report 2239 – The California State Board of Equalization unanimously voted to sponsor legislation that will exempt from sales and use taxes certain transactions involving drugs and medications used to treat animals.

Currently, veterinarians are required to pay sales or use tax on purchases of drugs and medicines that they administer and prescribe to animals. This additional cost is generally passed on to the pet owner. Because of this, the proposed legislation provides a sales and use tax exemption for drugs and medicines used, supplied, or sold by licensed veterinarians, government-run animal shelters, or nonprofit animal welfare organizations.

The BOE Chairman Jerome Horton said, “The legislation is intended to encourage pet owners to purchase medications directly from their veterinarians as the exemption will negate any perceived deal pet owners believe they might be getting by purchasing prescriptions for their pets online, where the safety of their pets might be compromised.”

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California State Board of Equalization – News Release