California – Guide to Free Tax Products and Services for Small Businesses

SALT Report 2240 – The California State Board of Equalization has created a resource guide for California taxpayers that discusses the products and services available to small business owners, tax practitioners, and non-profit organizations. The guide is designed to help business taxpayers better understand their tax obligations.

BOE Updates

You can sign up to receive electronic updates from the BOE. The updates will notify you of any changes to tax laws, rates, and regulations as well as providing information for specific taxes and fees.

Electronic Services

The BOE offers several options to make it easier for you to file your returns and pay your taxes or fees electronically. You may enroll yourself as an eClient if you are registered with the BOE as a business owner. To register you will need your BOE account number or seller’s permit number and your Express Login Code, which is the eight character code assigned to you by the BOE.

Free Seminars, Classes, and Videos

Understanding the changing tax laws can be challenging for any business. Therefore, the BOE offers training and assistance to help you stay informed. Event information is also available on the BOE’s website under Outreach & Events.

BOE Assistance

The BOE offers a full range of services tailored to the specific needs of California businesses from 24-hour electronic services to personal assistance with tax compliance questions.


The BOE has a number of publications available to answer your tax and fee questions. They include general information publications as well as publications for specific types of business activities, taxes, and fees. Most publications are available in several languages.


The BOE Publication and Resource DVD will help taxpayers comply with the state’s tax laws and is designed to be used with the resource guide. The DVD provides tax publications that will guide taxpayers through the entire process of starting your business through filing returns.

For Further Information

California State Board of Equalization – Publication 51, Resource Guide