California – Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate’s Annual Report

SALT Report 2227 – The California State Board of Equalization Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate has released its 2011-2012 property and business taxes annual report. The report describes the office’s involvement in new programs that have been implemented to assist taxpayers, identifies current issues that the office is working to resolve, provides examples of cases in dispute and their resolutions, and describes the services the TRA office provides.

Approximately two-thirds of the TRA’s cases involve individuals liable for sales and use taxes or other special tax and fee programs administered by the BOE. Because of this, the TRA’s Office works to ensure that any taxpayer contacting the office with an issue that has not been resolved through normal channels has their concerns fairly addressed.

The TRA office will provide taxpayers with information regarding policies and procedures so that they can be better prepared to discuss their issues with the appropriate staff, and will also work as the mediator between the taxpayer, the Board, and county staff to facilitate communications.

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California State Board of Equalization – Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate’s 2011-2012 Annual Report

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