Colorado – Department Issues Warning Regarding Telephone Scam

SALT Report 2264 – The Colorado Department of Revenue issued a warning to taxpayers regarding a telephone scam involving someone who is claiming to be a representative of the Tax Department.

When the person calls, they identify themselves as being from the “Tax Crime Investigation Department.” They will state that they have a warrant out for your arrest because of a specific tax crime; such as failure to file your taxes, or failure to remit taxes. The caller will also state that to avoid being charged with a tax crime you will need to wire them a large sum of money. If you receive a phone call of this nature, it is not from the Colorado Department of Revenue as they are prohibited from requesting payment in this way.

Generally, if a taxpayer owes the state taxes, the Department will send written notification. If the taxpayer does not respond, then the Tax Auditing and Compliance Division will attempt to collect the outstanding debt. There are no circumstances in which the Criminal Tax Enforcement Section will ask a delinquent taxpayer to wire money to avoid criminal prosecution.

If you have received a fraudulent call, you are urged to contact the state’s Criminal Tax Investigation Section.

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