Missouri – Sales Tax Holiday Guide for Businesses

SALT Report 2289 – The Missouri Department of Revenue released guidance regarding the state’s annual Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday which runs from April 19 through April 25, 2013. During the holiday, purchases of the following qualified Energy Star appliances will be exempt from sales tax:

  • Clothes washers,
  • Refrigerators,
  • Freezers,
  • Dishwashers,
  • Water heaters,
  • Furnaces,
  • Air conditioners, and
  • Heat pumps

The sales tax exemption offered during the holiday only applies to the first $1,500 of the purchase price. If an appliance costs more than $1,500, the regular sales tax rate will be imposed for any amount of the purchase price over $1,500.

Filing Your Return for the Sales Tax Holiday Period

Businesses in a local jurisdiction that is not participating in the sales tax holiday, must file Sales Tax Return, Form 53-1, which will replace the normal return for that period. All sales made at the full tax rate must be indicated on one line, while all holiday related sales taxed by each municipality will be treated as an item tax, with a reduced rate, on a separate line.

Businesses in a local jurisdiction that is participating in the sales tax holiday will continue to use the normal filing method for this period. You will enter the total gross receipts for all sales made; however, you will need to indicate holiday sales as a negative adjustment on the return.

If a retailer typically sells less than 2% of the qualifying merchandise they must offer a sales tax refund in lieu of the sales tax holiday.

Businesses that do not sell qualifying items may continue to use the normal filing method or voucher filing for this period.

Additionally, several local governmental entities have elected to participate in the sales tax holiday. This means that some purchases will be exempt not just from the state sales tax, but also from city, county, and special district sales taxes.

For Further Information

Missouri Department of Revenue – Notice


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