New York – New Website Provides Guidance for the Wine, Beer, and Spirits Industry


SALT Report 2226 – In partnership with the Empire State Development agency, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of a website that offers New York’s wine, beer, and spirits producers a single point of contact where they can find guidance regarding regulations, licensing, state incentives, or any other questions and issues facing the industry.

The website was created as a result of suggestions made at Governor Cuomo’s 2012 Wine, Beer, and Spirits Summit. At the Summit, local manufacturers and wholesalers raised concerns about the number of different state agencies that they must deal with not only to go into business, but to stay in compliance.

To address their concerns, the website will provide a single point of contact and place to call for assistance. Staff from the various state agencies involved in regulating manufacturers and licensees will respond to inquiries, host educational and training programs, and resolve problems.

The website also provides industry members with a list of sales tax exemptions, incentive programs, grants, loans, and special permits available to beverage producers as well as the name of the agency offering the incentives.

The list of sales tax exemptions available to this industry include:

100% Capital Improvement Installation Services

100% Tools and Supplies Used in Production

100% Fuel, Gas, Electricity, Refrigeration, and Steam Used in Farming and Commercial Horse Boarding

100% Farm Production and Commercial Horse Boarding

100% Machinery and Equipment Used in Production

100% Services to Machinery and Equipment Used in Production

100% Wrapping and Packaging Materials

100% Wine Used for Wine Tastings

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