Ohio – Use Tax Amnesty Ending Soon

SALT Report 2272 – The Ohio Department of Taxation issued a reminder that the state’s use tax amnesty program will end on May 1, 2013. The amnesty program allows businesses that have not registered for use tax to pay their past liabilities without the added burden of penalties or interest. Additionally, once accepted into the amnesty program the Commissioner will accept payment plans for businesses with tax liabilities that exceed $500.

Businesses wanting amnesty must register for a use tax account and agree to comply with all Ohio use tax laws going forward. All applications for amnesty received or postmarked May 1st or earlier will be considered.

The Department’s website offers step-by-step-instructions on how to request amnesty in the Frequently Asked Questions section. Also, included are Tutorials that provide assistance in registering for an OBG account, establishing a Consumer’s Use Tax account, completing a return and setting up a payment plan.

For Further Information

Ohio Department of Taxation – Consumer’s Use Tax Amnesty Program


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