South Carolina – Comments Regarding Tax Laws, Rules, and Regulations Requested

SALT Report 2256 – South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley issued an executive order that requires the Department of Revenue to review all statutes, rules, regulations and policies administered by the Department. The purpose of the review is to determine whether the costs associated with these statutes, rules, regulations and policies outweigh their benefits or create an undue burden on businesses.

As part of this effort, the Department of Revenue is asking the business community to submit suggestions or comments regarding the statutes, rules, regulations and policies that they feel are negatively affecting their business or the South Carolina economy.

When submitting a suggestion or comment please include the code section, regulation, policy number, tax return, application or other form number as well as an explanation of the burden it imposes on your business or industry. The Department would also like to hear recommendations as to how these policies can be improved.

All suggestions and comments must be received by April 9, 2013.

For Further Information

South Carolina Department of Revenue – Notice

Statutory and Regulatory Review