Texas – Newly Adopted Rules

SALT Report 2279 – In the Marsh 2013 edition of Tax Policy News, the Texas Comptroller addresses the following adopted rules.

Rule 3.324 – Oil, Gas, and Related Well Service

The rule was amended to clarify that non-taxable services include any activities performed to gain access to natural resource materials.  Additionally, the rule now provides that a well operator may claim an exemption for purchases of CO2 when used to stimulate oil production, provided that the well operator issues a properly completed exemption certificate in lieu of paying tax.

This rule is effective March 28, 2013.

Rule 3.9 – Electronic Filing of Returns and Reports; Electronic Transfer of Certain Payments by Certain Taxpayers

This rule was revised to provide additional clarity and to delete a reference to the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund, which was repealed on September 1, 2008.

Additionally, a new subsection was added to explain the time limitation for taxpayers to submit payment information to the Comptroller using the State of Texas Financial Network (TexNet), the electronic data interchange (EDI) system, or any other means of electronic funds transfer approved by the state. The Rule also has an updated reference to the Comptroller’s TexNet filing rules.

This rule is effective March 26, 2013.

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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts – Tax Policy News


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