Colorado – IFTA Fill-In Form Discontinued

SALT Report 2395 – The Colorado Department of Revenue announced that the IFTA DR 0122 return fill-in form will be discontinued as of 2nd Quarter 2013. However, the Department will continue to mail out the pre-printed DR 0122 forms to taxpayers who send in paper returns. A blank form is also available on the Department’s web site.

An alternative to the IFTA fill-in or paper form is filing through the Department’s Revenue Online web site. Revenue Online makes the filing process easier as it will calculate your tax or credit due automatically and allows you to pay your tax online using the EFT payment method.

If you file your quarterly IFTA tax return using Revenue Online, you will need to print copies of your summary and jurisdiction details prior to or at the time you submit the return for your records.

If you need further assistance, the Department has created a video tutorial with instructions for filing your IFTA return online.

For Further Information

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