Missouri – Director of Revenue Resigns Amid Scandal

SALT Report 2380 – Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced that the Director of the Department of Revenue, Brian Long, has resigned effective immediately. Long’s resignation comes a week after he refused to order his Department to stop scanning the personal information of anyone who applies for a concealed weapons permit or a license.

The Department of Revenue, under the direction of Long, has been under increased scrutiny from Republican lawmakers, due to the state’s recently enacted “enhanced security features.” The enhanced security required the Department of Revenue to scan and retain copies of all personal identification documents, including birth certificates, marriage licenses and concealed weapons permits.

The majority of the scanned information was turned over to the Social Security Administration. The SSA used the information to investigate anyone who received mental health benefits and had applied for a concealed weapons permit. If a person receives mental health benefits, they are ineligible to carry a concealed weapon permit.

It was also revealed that the state Highway Patrol had been given the information and twice released the names of everyone in the state who holds a concealed weapons permit to the federal government. These events in Missouri led both the House and Senate to pass emergency legislation that prohibits this practice.

In a press release Governor Nixon said that the Department will no longer scan and retain personal records as, “it has been determined that the scanning and retention of concealed carry certificates are not essential to the integrity of the license issuance process.”

However, the state auditor is currently investigating the Department of Revenue and Long.
Until a new Director is named the Governor has announced that John Mollenkamp will be acting Director of the Department. Long has served as Deputy Director of Revenue since 2011.

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