Multistate – Senator Enzi’s Statement Regarding the Marketplace Fairness Act

SALT Report 2411 – On April 26, 2013 U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., issued the following statement concerning the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013.

“Wyoming shouldn’t subsidize out-of-state and online retailers that operate and sell to people in our state. Right now, these retailers can offer lower prices than our local businesses simply because they do not have to charge the same sales tax that all of our local merchants do. Sales tax pays for the roads we drive on, the schools our kids go to, and the fire and policeman we depend on. And I don’t want to see a situation where other taxes will have to be raised to cover basic local services because these out-of-state and online retailers are not collecting the sales tax that is owed on their products.”

“My Marketplace Fairness bill doesn’t create a new tax or raise any tax. It’s about states’ rights. It allows a state to enforce its own laws without having to ask Washington for permission. The federal government should not have a role or authority in telling a state how to manage its finances. This bill specifically says that it’s up to the states to enforce this law and it’s 100% optional. Not a single dime would go to Washington. The bill would also protect small businesses until they have $1 million in online sales. It’s not complex or costly for businesses. Free software and services to collect and send the tax to the state are provided to businesses by the states. Take the time to research and read the bill yourself, it’s 11 pages and included below. Don’t take all the negative hype for granted. I don’t support policies that favor one taxpayer over another or one business over another. All businesses should play by the same set of rules and compete on a level playing field.”

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