New York – Department Announces Plans to Eliminate Tax Evasion

SALT Report 2361 – New York State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance, Thomas Mattox, announced the state’s aggressive plan to eliminate tax evasion. The plan will expand the Department’s 2011 partnership agreement with the Police Department that enforced cigarette tax compliance. Since July 2011, the agreement has prevented the evasion of more than $20 million in state tax revenues by those who illegally sell and traffic cigarettes.

The Department’s new agreement will allow police investigators to embed with the Tax Department; thereby expediting efforts to enforce compliance for all taxes administered by the Department such as, sales tax and income tax.

In a press release Commissioner Mattox said, “This partnership leverages our joint resources and the best practices of one of the nation’s most-respected law enforcement agencies. Not only will we enhance our criminal enforcement efforts across all tax types, but we will also improve information sharing among local, federal and state enforcement agencies.”

Additionally, the Commissioner announced that the Department’s criminal investigations unit will now be under the leadership of two law enforcement veterans, Risa Sugarman and Christopher Ammirati. Risa Sugarman has 30 years of enforcement experience working with the Department of Justice and the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. As the Deputy Commissioner for Criminal Enforcement, she will be responsible for the Department’s criminal investigations programs and operations.

Christopher Ammirati has 26 years of experience with international criminal investigations involving money laundering, corruption, and financial fraud. As the Department’s Director of Investigations he will supervise the investigators and auditors in the Criminal Investigations Division.

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